University Medical Centre, Groningen (UMCG)

The University of Groningen is one of the major Universities in the Netherlands and is within the top 150 Universities of the world in several ranking lists ( The UMCG research is characterized by the combination of fundamental and patient orientated research. The UMCG focuses on healthy ageing in which this project perfectly fits. The UMCG contains an imaging centre with all modern imaging techniques and expertise necessary to perform the research necessary for ANDANTE.

The department of Radiation Oncology in collaboration with the department of Cell Biology of the  UMCG maintains a leading position internationally in the area of “prediction, prevention and improvement of normal tissue damage”. The long history of pre-clinical research on proton therapy and the development of stem cell therapy to reduce normal tissue damage fits very well within this proposal. Assessment of the carcinogenic properties of salivary and thyroid stem cells is a logical broadening of their interest. This field of research is directly related to this project and includes clinical, radiobiological and physical projects.

Role in Research Activities

The UMCG will determine the carcinogenic response of salivary and thyroid gland stem cells upon Neutron irradiation. Hereto a close collaboration with Physicists and radiation/stem cell biologist in the rest of the project is necessary

Responsible Person

Dr. R.P. Coppes, Radiation Biologist - Stem Cell Biologist

Group Members

Dr. P.van Luijk, expert on high-precision irradiation of small animal models and Radiation Biology

Dr. R.P. van Os, Stem Cell Biologist with special expertise in the culturing and functional assessement of stem cells.

Mr. Hette Faber, Experienced Biotechnician with expertise in animal experiments and immuno-histochemistry and all forms of microscopy.

Ms. Marianna van der Zwaag, Technician, cell culturing and FACS analysis.

Contact Details

Dr Robert Coppes

Radiation Oncology/University Medical Center

Groningen/University of Groningen

Hanzeplein 1

Groningen 9713 GZ




Phone: +31503632709


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